Meet Your Instructor

For more than 10 years Ginger (Lamm) Hawthorne has been teaching art to children, teens, and adults in Richmond's West End. What began as a fun art "get together" with neighborhood kids one summer, turned into students coming from all areas of Richmond, out of state, and even outside the US.  

Enthusiastic about her life-long love of art, Ginger makes drawing and painting a fun, easy-to-learn, non-intimidating experience, while also teaching serious technique. She is mastered in pencil, color pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, oil pastels, acrylic and oil painting. She has recently added gelli printmaking, handprinted paper collage paintings, and batik watercolor to her teaching list. Her work wins awards, as does her students, many choosing art as their career, getting accepted into the best art colleges and universities in the U.S.

Ginger received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University with background in Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Illustration. In her spare time she is constantly reading, researching, and traveling to take classes with the country's most renown artists, each an expert in their medium.  "My students do such amazing work; it constantly pushes me to stay ahead of them.  Everyday I learn something new, whether it's a new technique or the newest innovation in art supplies.  I share everything I know with even my youngest students. It's so amazing and rewarding to see what kids (and adults!) can do if you just show them how, one step at a time." 

Unlike other studios teaching art, all art supplies are included. Students are welcome to try different mediums and subjects, such as still life, landscapes, mixed media, portraits, and abstracts. Some student's (like many professionals) fall in love with just one medium (or subject) and are dedicated to learn just that.

Ginger has two adult children, her daughter, a graduate of UVA and Parson's Art School is an interior designer in New York and her son who attended VCU and is a photographer and filmmaker in Richmond. Besides teaching, drawing, and painting, she loves taking photographs, traveling, gardening, concerts, checking out Richmond's newest "foodie" restaurants and, on occasion, cooking up an artistic dish.


Recent Student Art Awards

2015 -1st place Scholastic Gold Key   Virginia  (Middle School)

2015 -2nd place Scholastic Gold Key  National USA (Middle School)

2015 -1st place Reflections Competition  Henrico County (Middle School)

2015  3rd place Reflections Regional Virginia  (Middle School)

2015 -2nd place Reflections Shady Grove Elementary  (4th & 5th grade)

and many more....



"I want to thank you again for all the help you give to me improving my artistic capabilities. You have a gift for teaching and building confidence. You help people grow, you are a special kind of gardner. Thanks for all you do!” - Krista Springer 
“Gage immediately came home and started teaching his siblings how to draw a jellyfish, starfish, fish, and shark. He enjoyed his time (his first lesson) with you!  Thank you!" -Joy Thompson
“We were SO Impressed with the project Carissa brought home today! This class is perfect for her and she absolutely loves it!          -Denise Jackson
“ When an art teacher at school recommended you and I started taking your lessons in fourth grade, you immediately began teaching me many different techniques and mediums. I learned so much during my eight years taking lessons from you.  My senior year in high school I received a high score on my "Advanced Placement Portfolio” and, thanks to you, I now feel like an accomplished artist.”  -Jack Sims 
"These flowers are for you...I just got accepted into VCU’s school of the arts. I could not have done it with out you. Thank you!”               - Zach Ghannam 
“I just wanted to let you know that Meredith will be going to VCU arts in the fall. In elementary school you were her first REAL art teacher, instrumental in teaching her shading and patience with detail. She has won many awards including Scholastic Gold Key, one which is on display in VCU’s education building. I am attaching some pictures for you to see the “seed” you nourished in her years ago! Thank you for being such a great influence on Meredith!”         -Robin Eudailey

Watercolor by Ginger Hawthorne